What Julie’s Clients Say…

I consider it a key part of staying healthy and flexible and playing at my peak.

Kyle OrtonDallas Cowboys Quarterback

Thai massage is the best of both worlds. You get the deep, physical movement benefits of stretching and the deep muscular release of massage.

Claudia L.Yoga Instructor

Julie has had a tremendous impact on my ability to stay very active in sports.  Her therapy helps me recover more quickly from soreness and her knowledge has taught me how to better warm up and warm down from sporting activities.

Ron S.

After trying several different types of massages over a year period with very little or no relief,  I can say that going to Julie my range of motion and pain has improved drastically in just a couple of sessions.

Karen H.

When the massage is over, I stand straighter and perform my activities even better, which is a wonderful feeling.  I believe that if you are physically strong you are mentally strong and a Tai massage from Julie Pluss can help you accomplish strength, flexibility and well being.

Julie K.

Some Benefits of Thai Massage

An Increase in Flexibility

Due to gentle to deep stretches of the entire body.

A Decrease of Tension and Pain Symptoms

Due to use of trigger point therapy.

Prevention of Injury and Increased Level of Functional Fitness

Due to body’s increased flexibility and circulation.

A Boost in the Immune System

Due to improved lymphatic flow, blood circulation and vitality.

More Energy

Due to the gentle compressions along the body’s natural energy/sen lines.

Clearing of the Body’s Toxins

Releasing the body’s wind gates where toxins may stagnate.

  • Thai Massage
  • Taste of Thai ( one hour basic Thai Massage)
  • 90 minute Thai Massage  
  • Two hour Thai Massage
  • Other Services
  • Personal Training (ages 50+)
  • Yamuna Body Rolling (60 minutes)
  • Two hour Thai Massage

No Gratuity is ever accepted! It is truly my honor to be able to share this therapeutic type bodywork benefiting the body, mind and soul. Referrals are always appreciated, and with every referral, you and the person referred will receive $25 off your next Thai Massage Session! Gift Certificates always available

Julie PlussPluss Thai Massage

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